Any DDR- One Solution

MatrixXchange enables drilling contractors the freedom to use their own DDRs whilst providing a standard DDR format for geologists. MatrixXchange prevents double handling of data, provides a data chain of custody from various sources as well as negating the use of csv import compilations. Designed by geologists’ and drillers’ expertise, specifically for the exploration and mining industry. MatrixXchange delivers substantial operational and economic benefits by streamlining workflows and increasing transparency across every aspect of the project for both drilling and resource companies.

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Software Development

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Colleagues MatrixXchange has been developed to provide resource companies with a unique solution by:

Allowing the flexibility to approve or reject ANY PLOD/DDR supplied in ANY format from ANY DDR software provider with a single login

Standardising various input formats for rigs or equipment – such as PLOD/DDRs, providing them to geologist’s for review in a consistent format, regardless of origin, and;

Provides a unique solution that can then integrate into any internal systems, with dashboards and PowerBI

What our clients say

“Colleagues Matrixx has transformed our data management capabilities, capturing Digital Drilling, Safety and Technical Data, and putting it in the hands of key decision makers faster. With real time reporting, we have instant visibility and compatibility with multiple software being used onsite, Colleagues Matrixx is easy to use and seamless to integrate. Great time and cost saving software!”

– Senior Data Manager Golden Vertex, Canada