Streamline your data flow

Colleagues Matrixx is a cloud-based web application that allows companies to manage their Matrixx Mobile forms, including DDR/PLODs, Pre-Start, Safety and Maintenance forms. Optional modules include, invoicing maintenance and payroll, which provides the ability to manage schedule of rates, cost reporting, contracts and automation to clients.

Online Portal

One specialised location for all your form data.

System Integration

Integration is key to efficient day-to-day business management.

Secure and reliable

Maximum security for your data is our only option available.

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Manage, maintain and invoice all your forms in one place

Matrixx Portal provides flexibility with standard reports, such as tracking performance, operating time, rig utilisation, covid and personnel tracking. We can also build custom PowerBI dashboards, linking data for corporate reporting analysis.

What our clients say

“We have seen real savings and efficiency improvements and we had no real culture changes moving over to the new system.”
– Stuart Baird GM Ranger, Australia

Find out how the Matrixx Portal Benefits

Easy data capture

Save time and money

Increase data quality

Captures signatures

Batch submit completed forms

Image attachment to form data

Secure data transmission

Automated and centralised form version control

Fits seamless into existing workflows

Data Reporting

Data Analytics

Matrixx dashboard and reporting tools