Frequently asked questions

1. Security

  • All data is sent through a SSL connection with 2048 bit encryption
  • Users must login to the web portal with a username and password

2. Supported Devices

  • All major operating systems and devices are supported: iOS, Android and Windows. Any combination of devices can be used

3. What other things can we capture on forms

  • Photographs can be attached to forms
  • Signatures can be captured on a form
  • GPS location is saved when the user creates the form and submitted when the form is submitted back to the Web Portal

4. What happens if I don’t have an Internet connection?

  • Matrixx Mobile can be used off-line. Forms completed when there is no Internet connection are synchronised with Matrixx Web Portal once an Internet connection is established and the form is sent

5. Can the form be customised?

  • From the forms design to what is shown on the form, customisation is what we do. Dropdowns can be edited and made, values triggering other fields specific values/dropdowns can be done, choosing the required fields, creating custom validation for the forms

6. How long does it take to design a form and have it ready for use on the tablet?

  • This does depend on the complexity and size of the form. In general, we will endeavour to have your form ready for use within 5 working days

7. How long do completed forms stay on the tablet?

  • The number of days completed forms stay visible on the tablet is chosen by you. It is part of our setup process of the form. All forms submitted to the Matrixx portal are visible indefinitely.

8. On the Matrixx Portal can I customise who sees what and users’ permissions?

  • Yes. This is configurable. Admin users can select which forms are relevant to each user as well as select the relevant roles for certain users.

9. Is there an Audit Trail of when/who completed the form and when and is the data transmission secure?

  • The date, time and the device which was used for each submitted form is captured in the Matrixx Portal.

10. How can I make sure the most up to date form is available on each mobile device?

  • When a tablet is turned on and connected to the Internet any new forms will be available for downloading.

11. Do I have to complete a form in one session?

  • No, forms can be saved for completion over several hours, days or weeks. It is only when the form is marked ‘completed’ that it can be sent through to the Matrixx Portal.

1. Security

  • All users can login to the portal through username and password authentication.
  • All data is sent through a SSL connection with 2048 bit encryption

2. Supported Devices

  • All major operating systems and devices are supported: iOS, Android, and Windows.

3. Can I upload data through lists?

  • Yes, first download the template for the admin page you’re on. Follow the example format. Then upload the data.

4. Can I make some users unable to see forms?

  • Users can be assigned roles which include the ability to view and correct forms as well

5. What happens when a form is rejected (contractor side)?

  • If you’re a Matrixx Portal user then the form will land in the inbox, highlighted red along with receiving an email notification. The form will have a comment attached to notify you of what was wrong with the form.
  • If you’re not a Matrixx Portal user, then you will be automatically notified through email.

6. Does the system have a password reset functionality?

  • The system allows a user or an admin user to reset other users’ passwords. The password change is done through email.