About Us

Colleagues Matrixx (CMx) is a global digital data and software development company founded in Perth, Western Australia in 2005. CMx develops tailored, mission-critical, end-to-end data integration solutions – working with clients to achieve substantial improvements in staff productivity, data integrity and currency; streamlined workflows, and targeted operational improvements; ultimately delivering significant cost reductions and business efficiencies – directly improving clients’ bottom lines.Colleagues Matrixx brings a consultative approach to every project. Starting by establishing a common understanding of the client’s individual challenges and business goals, CMx brings a foundation of industry best-practice data and process management methodologies from which clients can achieve their desired operational outcomes. Founded on a core philosophy of close collaboration, Colleagues Matrixx delivers customer outcomes safely and efficiently, adding value to client operations as they navigate their digital journey. 
So why partner with Colleagues Matrixx?

Trusted partner understanding enterprise needs


Integrated product suite


Increased compliance and data chain of custody


Seamless integration to internal systems


Customised solutions based on specific requirements


Software development partner


Access to Industry insights


Stay ahead of technology trends and changes


Australian based business with data security as a priority


Commitment to diversity


Female led business aligns to company diversity policies


Commitment to sustainability

Colleagues Matrixx leverage 100+ years of combined experience in mining and digital product development to provide end-to-end integrated data solutions for clients. Through consistent innovation, CMx ensures customers receive higher-quality, and more effective digital solutions that are fit for purpose for drillers, geologists, and data analysts.  In a global first, CMX’s newly released MatrixXchange software delivers a unique cloud platform providing data chain of custody and compliance through integration of in-numerous discrete, and disparate data sources and client applications.

Our speciality….Resources Industry

MatrixXchange is a unique solution and has drawn on more than 100 years’ combined experience in mining and digital product development and provides an end to end solution for exploration and mining industry. With a GM that has boots on the ground and data management has provided Colleagues Matrixx with the impetus to innovate even better solutions that are fit for purpose to drillers, geologists and data analysts.
We have been there, we listen, and we innovate to provide better solutions for our clients.

Kay Hargreaves – CEO

Technology is part of Kay Hargreaves’ DNA. Driven by her enthusiasm for solving problems via digital solutions, Kay established Colleagues Matrixx in 2005.

Her passion for technology was ignited in the 60s and 70s when she was introduced to the world of computer science and the art of coding. Kay then led a publishing team into the digital age – well before it was common practice.

She was one of the first publishers to work with Apple Macintosh in the late 1980s and was part of the beta development of Adobe Acrobat. She then moved from multi-channel publishing consulting to digital pen data capture, to full data capture, management, and reporting for any platform across multiple industries.

Kay holds a BA (Hons) in Geography from the University of Manchester, UK.

Kay is a volunteer Chair of WiTWA Tech Trails and Co-Chair of WiTWA.

Tara Bennett-Connell – COO, Head of Innovation

With more than 29 years’ combined knowledge in the resources industry (mining and exploration) Tara has hands on, combined in field geology, database management, software development, product development and digital business transformation.

With this varied real-life ‘boots on ground experience’ in the resources industry, she believes this makes her uniquely placed to drive and innovate for her clients in the resources industry and she credits this background in developing products that answer the need to get the job done with real solutions that are fit for purpose in the field.

Tara is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion and STEM.

Tara holds a BSc (Joint Hons) in Geology and Petroleum Geology from the University of Aberdeen, UK.

Tara is a volunteer subcommittee member of WiTWA Tech Trails.

Simon Macneall – Chief Technology Officer

Simon has over 25 years of experience in software development across a wide variety of industries translating understand end user requirements and get the best results for the client.

Transport fare systems, 3D film and television software, document repositories, digital data capture, drone tracking and safety management systems are just some of the wide variety of software that Simon has helped to deliver over the last 25 plus years.

Simon wants to make using software as easy as possible and loves to see systems he’s had a hand in developing being used out in the ‘real world’.

Simon holds a BSc in IT Systems and IT Applications from the University of Western Australia, and is a frequent volunteer at parkrun and junior sports.

Melissa Ramsden – VP Technical Sales

Melissa has been involved in many projects across the world, consulting in more than 40 countries to both resource and drilling companies for over 22 years. Completing key tasks such as data management, software development, client training, and workflow management in the mining industry she has just about seen it all.

With this real-life, in the field experience, she is uniquely positioned to provide valuable best practice insight into various problems faced across the industry.

She has recently settled in Vancouver Canada, expanding the team and services to the Americas.

Melissa holds a MA in Archaeology and a BA (Hons) in Geography from the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Melissa is on the executive committee for the Vancouver M.E.G. and the incoming chair for 2022/23.